Saturday, January 23, 2010

1984 - March to September

Falklands Islands

Although the photo was stamped 'officially' as Condor Troop - Falklands Islands 1984, it is thought to have been taken in Scotland, after the Falklands visit, whilst Mountain Training, as there are Mariones in the ranks. Some lads in the photo were not deployed to the Falklands and some were missing from the photo, possibly on leave.

The Troop flew out to the Falklands, on a Tristar from Brize Norton, which was re-fuelled in mid-air. The aircraft landed at Ascension Island, to re-fuel, before continuing to Port Stanley.
Troop based on the coast, near Port Stanley.

Troop tasked with Construction and Maintenance.
Rubb Shelters were built for the Phantom Bombers.
Steve Saunders section was tasked with Demolishing a Radar Station in East Falklands. This Radar Station was built in 1982 by the Gurkas.

Some 'official' photos were taken of the Hangers, these seemingly were scrapped, as Dougy Thornborough was wearing a 'false' nose throughout.

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